Why 100% Cotton Matters

Biodegradable - Over 60% of modern clothing is made from oil. This mainly takes the form of polyester but includes nylon, elastane and acrylic. These synthetic fabrics will never degrade. On the other hand our 100% heavy cotton Shirts will not jam up our land fills. With time, they will naturally and safely return to our soil. 

Health - The use of cotton as clothing goes back to ancient Egypt and beyond. It is entirely natural and safe for your skin and body. Conversely, oil based textiles such as polyester shed microplastics that can be absorbed by the skin. The effects of microplastics on the skin and body are still unknown. 

Renewable - Cotton plants are a sustainable and renewable textile source, unlike polyester fabrics which are derived from crude oil.

Durability - Our heavyweight cotton shirts withstand the elements and the wash. This keeps the shirt on your back and out of the landfill!


Why Plastic-Free Packaging Matters

If you have ever ordered clothing online you know it usually comes in plastic bags. The industry calls these “poly-bags”, or “poly-mailers”. They are extremely cheap, which is why they are so frequently used. But they will never degrade. That is the real cost of these petroleum-based bags. The business doesn't pay the cost, we do... with a littered environment. 

The ability to recycle plastic bags and plastic in general has been called into questions with recent revelations showing how little of our plastics actually get recycled, even when sorted in the correct bins. Too often these plastics end up in our environment, from our oceans to our backyard, from our foods to our faucets. 

We ship our shirts properly in waxed paper and 100% recycled cardboard mailers. Even the shipping label is made from recycled material. As a bonus, the ink on the mailer is printed with a sustainable squid-based ink!


Why “Made in the USA” Matters

Locality. We cut down on emissions by having a geographically contained supply chain.

Quality: Our American manufacturing guarantees these shirts will last longer through wear and the wash, keeping them on your back and out of land fills.

THE EPA  One reason outsourcing production to foreign countries is profitable is because it allows companies to evade EPA regulation. What’s actually being outsourced is pollution and environmental damage. “Made in the USA” guarantees stringent regulatory oversight, protecting our local environment and subsequently our global environment.

 Department of Labor (DOL)  The DOL protects workers by ensuring fair, safe, and healthy working conditions. The DOL also protects children from exploitation. None of this is guaranteed with foreign production.

Disclaimer: We are not against international trade in principal. It just so happens that the U.S. has some of the strongest labor and environmental laws in the world. The U.S. is also blessed with vast amounts of renewable resources to produce everything locally.


Why We Don’t Use Marketing Tactics

No sales gimmicks. No discounts. No “time is running out”.” No pop ups. No tracking. No “limited time offers”. No marketing emails. 

Manipulative business tactics are not in line with our company’s ethics. 


Why Don't You Allow Payment Plans

Our host wanted us to offer payment installments on orders over $50. We believe it is unethical to offer consumer lending on frivolous spending, even if it garners sales. We stand in opposition to this trend of casual borrowing and predatory lending that is putting Americans into modern day servitude. The human spirit cannot breathe when it’s future prosperity has been squandered away on unneeded goods and services.

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